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Q:-Are all NTN events REALLY free?
A:-Yes. Absolutely.

Q:-Who pays for the NTN artists to perform?
A:-'NoTicketNeeded' does.

A:-Because we want to bless you. Nothing more, nothing less

Q:-Where are the events taking place?
A:-At The Wessex Christian Centre, Hinton Road, Bournemouth

Q:-If there are no tickets, how do I get in?
A:-You simply turn up on the night.

Q:-If there are no tickets, how can I be SURE of getting in?
A:-We work on a 'first come first served' basis, so your entry may depend on how early you can queue outside the building.

Q:-Is there any other way I can be sure to get a seat at the event? (without queuing)
A:-Actually, YES! If one of the leaders of your Church or group contacts us guaranteeing a particular number of attendees, then we can look at issuing seats for your group without queuing. But you must be sure you can definitely come before we can save the seats. (if you didn't turn up and we had turned others away who could have had your seats that would be unfair)

Q:-Can I invite other people to come with me?
A:-Absolutely...the events are for everyone. Literally!

Q:-Are you a registered charity?
A:-Yes. 25 years in existence.

Q:-What times and dates are the events?
A:-On the whole - the events start 19:30 (doors at 19:00), but there may be a rare exception. Dates are throughout the year. Please see the 'Events' page for details.

Q:-Where can I park?
A:-There are several car parks within a 60 second walk of our building, including one next door as well as street meter parking on Hinton Road, Westover Road and the East Clifftop.

Q:-Will I be standing or sitting?
A:-Either. We have 450 seats, but you may stand. We also have room for 100-150 standing in front of the stage. Some events are suited to standing only...others are suited to seated only.

Q:-Will there be refreshments availalable on the night?
A:-Yes. There will be drinks and snacks available (a small cost may be applied)

Q:-Is it true you might take an offering up on the night of the event?
A:-Yes, we may have offering baskets available for people to give on the night to help cover the expenses.

Q:-Do I HAVE TO put something in the offering?
A:-No of course not. It's a freewill offering.

Q:-What happens if you cover the costs and then some extra?
A:-Any profit goes entirely to charity. (Open doors, Samaritan's purse, UCB, Mission:India, Creation Ministries etc)

Q:-How can I speak to one of your team?
A:-Please see the 'Contact' page for phone numbers and addresses.

Q:-Can I make a financial donation to the work of NTN?
A:-Yes. Certainly. We would be very happy to receive any gift to help with expenses, so long as you do not give us your tithe. We believe that belongs to your local Church.

Q:-Could someone from NTN come and share more about your events with our Church, Youth group or other?
A:-Certainly. We are very happy to come and visit you to explain the principle in more detail or to just bring an invite. Please see our 'Contact' page.

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In the unlikely event that you have another question, we'd love to answer it...please, drop us an email or phone us..see the 'contact' page.

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