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Petra Fans!!
We have got some funky NTN2012 Petra Zipper Pulls up for grabs if youíre interested. 
All you need to do is be 1 of the first 10 people to answer the following 5 questions correctly about the PETRA event 
we had at NoTicketNeeded on June 10th, and you could win yourself  
5 (super rare, unavailable anywhere else, exclusive to NoTicketNeeded!!!) 
PETRA Zipper Pull Tags.

Here's a little peek at a couple of them!!

 1) Finish the song lyric??? 
Donít wanna be a __________________, wanna be a _________________!!
2) How many Guitars did Bob play at NoTicketNeeded?
3) What colour was Mark's shirt?
4) Mark showed a gift he was given by a girl from which country?
5) What was the opening song?
Email us the answers ASAP, 
along with your address,
and if you are one of the 1st ten 
with correct answers,
we will put your prizes in the post to you straight away.
Why not give it a go, whatís the worst that could happen?
Hope to hear from you soon!



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